Brat Life was born out of a desire for irreverent lifestyle content that was still inclusive and approachable. If you can’t find the content you want to listen to, make your own. Right?

Brat Life is a place where we discuss everything from drama to trauma, because some things are hard to talk about but we have to do it.

I’ve been called every name (bratty, too silly, too serious, crazy, bitchy, clingy, aloof, you name it) in the book. Well, guess what? I banned the book and took all the words back.

And we are just getting started. Join me for a new episode every Saturday!




By her early twenties, Cheyenne had already had a lifetime of experiences. Many of which were, frankly, hard. She tried deflecting the trauma with self-deprecation and dark humor, but eventually felt called to share her experiences with people, so they could learn and heal along with her. Through healing, self-love, and a little (okay, a LOT) of therapy, Cheyenne decided to start Brat Life to share her experiences with family drama, heartbreak, self-discovery, and a journey toward loving herself unconditionally.

Cheyenne loves astrology (a cancer queen!), her two cats - Binx and Oreo, iced coffee with cashew milk, and making her friends laugh over drinks on a very cute patio moment.

When she’s not working on her podcast, Cheyenne works in digital media and advertising as a project manager. She can also be found owning her emotions and fully embracing what it means to be a brat.